Here is a trailer I’ve filmed and edited of my work, Turns, a three-screen video/sound installation and dance performance space.

The performance, in this version by Emma Lane, Patrick Thomas and Michael Lewis, took place at the Dance @ Salford Festival at the New Adelphi Theatre in May 2019 and was used as Emma Lane’s MA Dance thesis assessment, for which she gained a Distinction.

Turns uses original documentary material to attempt to capture, repeat and leave behind a calm and musical moment from within a psychotic episode. It is an experiment in relations between video and dance, liveness and fixity, bodies that feel powerful and bodies that feel broken.

The work’s video and sound material derives from that contained in a short film of the same name, as previously posted, in which my brother-in-law Joe McElhatton improvised a piano composition whilst experiencing symptoms of psychosis. The installation also contains additional music by myself and experimental musician Sim Hutchins.