I Think I’m On Another World With You is a performance by onlytheantscansaveusnow (aka Jordan Linton) that asks questions about the prison system. I filmed this version which Jordan edited and performed at the University of Salford as part of the DYP Festival in May 2019.

Jordan says of the work:

‘I Think I’m On Another World With You is about asking questions; to ourselves, to each other and with each other. It’s about asking questions that might not have answers, to see if we might be able to imagine another world. It contains loud noises, sections performed in darkness, and seminal late-70s power pop. It’s about The Naughty Step. It’s about prisons.’

‘The prison has become a key ingredient of our common sense… It has become so much a part of our lives that it requires a great feat of the imagination to envision life beyond it.’ – Angela Davis